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Financial Freedom

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Wisdom Keys from Mike Murdock


  1. All men fail, the great ones get back up.  The only reason men fail is broken focus.
  2. Champion's are willing to do some things they hate…to create the thing they love.
  3. Champions make decisions that create a desired future; losers make decisions that create a desired present.
  4. Each act of obedience is linked to a miracle in your future.
  5. Each small action today is perfecting a habit.
  6. False accusation is the last stage before supernatural promotion.
  7. God never consults your past to determine your future.
  8. If you cannot plan 2 hours, what makes you think you are planning your life?
  9. Losers make decisions that create a desired present; champions make decisions that create a desired future.
  10. Never complain about what you permit.
  11. Never spend more time on a critic than you would give to a friend.
  12. Nothing is ever as bad as it first appears.  What you can tolerate, you cannot change.
  13. One hour in the presence of God will reveal the flaws of your most carefully laid plans.
  14. Order - the accurate arrangement of things - increases productivity.  Productivity decides rewards.
  15. Patience is a weapon that forces deception to reveal itself.
  16. Patience is the weapon that forces deception to reveal itself.
  17. Satan always attacks those who are next in line for promotion.
  18. The climate you create determines the product you produce.
  19. The only reason men fail is broken focus.
  20. The problem that infuriates you the most is the problem God has assigned you to solve.
  21. The proof of desire is pursuit. 
  22. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
  23. Those who do not increase you inevitably will decrease you.
  24. Those who do not respect your time today will probably not respect your opinion either.
  25. Those who unlock your compassion are those to whom you have been assigned.
  26. Today is your opportunity to rewrite your future.  Give each hour a specific assignment.
  27. What you fail to conquer will eventually conquer you.
  28. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.
  29. What you respect, you will attract.
  30. Whatever you possess today is enough to create anything else you will ever want in your future.
  31. When you let go of what you have in your hand, God will let go of what He has in His.
  32. When you schedule your events, you schedule your emotions.
  33. When you want something you have never had, you have got to do something your have never done.
  34. You will never be promoted until you become over-qualified for your present position.
  35. You will never correct what you are unwilling to confront.
  36. You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.
  37. You will never reach your potential until your priorities become habitual.
  38. You will only have significant success with something that is an obsession.
  39. Your rewards in life are determined by the kinds of problems you are willing to solve for someone. 
  40. Your schedule and your spending describe what you really love in life.
  41. Your significance is not in your similarity to another - it is in your point of difference.