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Financial Freedom

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Getting Organized Business


Creating a Filing System
1. Create separate folders for each of your budget categories:
Gross Receipts or Sales
     Can be broken down by client or type of income
Cost of Good Sold
     Purchases less cost of items withdrawn for personal use
     Cost of Labor (not to yourself)
     Materials & Supplies
     Other Costs
     Car & Truck
     Commissions & Fees
     Contract Labor
     Employee benefit programs
     Insurance (other than health)
     Mortgage (paid to banks)
     Legal & Professional Services
     Office expense
     Pension & Profit-sharing plans
     Rent or lease
           Vehicles, Machinery & Equipment
           Other business property
     Repairs & Maintenance
     Taxes & Licenses
     Travel, Meals & Entertainment
     Other; itemize by category
     Business use of your home
2. Inside the Folders you will be creating tabs to separate the sub-categories:
3. Keep a daily calendar; note who you see, why, & mileage. A week at a glance is very helpful for planning purposes.
4. Save ALL of your receipts. Note on them why purchased & to which job the item relates. Keep in daily envelope till entered into your bookkeeping then place in a monthly envelope.
5. Be sure to keep in savings at least 1 month of future expense total. Long term savings will be 1 year of future expenses based upon your past average monthly expenses.
6. Keep a complete list of clients including name, address & contact phone numbers/email addresses. Keep a similar list of vendors.
7. Contact a leasing company to determine if there will be a savings in employee benefits ie: insurance, retirement, workman's compensation.
For Answers to your questions:
WWW.IRS.GOV     Forms & Publications:
     Business Expenses
          Forms: 2106 Employee Business Expenses
          Publications: 15    Employer Tax Guide
                            334  Tax Guide for Small Business
                            463  Travel, Entertainment, Gift & Car Expense
                            535   Business Expenses
                            910   Free Tax Guide 
                            4591  Source of Information    


BE CREATIVE!  Use color codes, adjust placement of the tabs.
YOUR filing system is YOURS and must work for YOU.
God Blesses organization.
Organization eliminates waste of time looking for items.
Organization eliminates confusion.
Orgainization is GOOD FOR YOU!