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Financial Freedom

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Testimonies of Success
1)  My name is Mary and I'm a single mother of two and this is what God has done in my life..
Just before summer,  I had used up my savings for a short vacation, then I  had a couple annual contracts come due along with several unplanned large expenses  (car repairs after the trip), summer camp/daycare for my daughter, back to school clothes and school  supplies, etc. Things were great one minute then the next I was floundering in a hole so deep that I knew I was not able to get out of it.  By the end of the summer I was lost and desperate—I felt hopeless.  I was trying to solve my problems on my own.  This was my biggest mistake.
As September neared the end, I remembered one of the first things I had learned when I had come to know the Lord  2 years earlier.  I learned that  He would never give me more than I can handle.  That every trial I go through isn’t actually a trial—it’s a test!  A test of my faith—my trust in my Lord Jesus.  How soon we forget that—don’t we.  Well, I just remembered!  I used to listen to Money Matters with Howard Dayton—Crown Financial Ministries so I contacted them and asked them to link me up with a “coach” in my area who could help me plan a budget and figure out what I needed to do.  That’s when the wonderful Ms Vicky entered my life. 
She shared with me her personal testimony—which is on this site—and the steps she took. She shared how she was faithful to the Lord in all he asked of her and how he was faithful in blessing her.  She gave me biblical references to the importance of and proper way of handling God’s money.  She encouraged me and gave me hope and reassurance.
  Now I am not going to lie to you—it was also a depressing meeting.  We had a wonderful time together, but she does not have that magic wand that can just magically erase and fix my problems either.  She was able to point out the 2 areas in my family’s spending that were slightly high, and suggested ways to cut back.  She devised a spending plan and suggested I take in a room mate or take on a part-time job because at my current income I would not be able to get out of my current financial hole until possibly Feb or March and that was providing I had absolutely no unexpected expenses, bought no Christmas gifts, nothing—zilch.
  Well, unexpected things happen—I know that to be a fact.  So it was saddening to know I was that bad off—but now I knew where I stood and it was great to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and love.  She changed my whole outlook that night.  How could I have forgotten?  I had failed that test.  I had actually stopped tithing at the beginning of the summer—I had felt guilty, but I was trying to get caught up-I was trying to… there’s that “I” again. I, I, and  I.  I doesn’t  matter. HE does.  
That night I prayed for forgiveness and thanked Jesus for the test I was in.  I applied online at Walgreens for a part-time job and prayed about that too.  The next day I applied at a few other places and  prayed a whole lot more.  I humbled myself, swallowed my pride, and asked my church if they could help me with my electric and water bill for the previous month before they were disconnected.  And they graciously said yes.  Glory to God for his blessings.  Things are starting to turn around. 
Then the next morning my van dies on me.  I started to get upset but then I reminded myself God will not give me more than I can handle—this is just another test—so as I sat in my car I began to thank the Lord for my van dying and the test he was giving me—but I told him I was not going to fail this time—Praise the Lord!  My son looked at me and thought I was nuts!
Well, here’s where it gets really good.  A coworker had just moved down the street from me and agreed  to give me a ride to and from work while my friends helped shuttle my kids back and forth to school.  My van would be fixed in a few days then life will get back to normal…Wrong!  $2800 estimate—she isn’t getting fixed anytime soon.  Praise the Lord I told my coworkers and family—I’m being tested and I’m going to pass!
That first Sunday, I started my tithing again and,  Well, guess what!  A gentleman from my church who has a huge heart for single moms and widows heard about my van troubles and gave me a car!  Not loaned—not sold—but gave me a car—signed the title over to me.  Praise the Lord!  I wept and gave thanks and praises to Jehovah Jireh—my provider!! Hallelujah!
One of my coworkers mailed me a check for $1000 and another handed me one for $150. I got the job at Walgreen’s at night Then I received a check from my Aunt and 2 Uncles.  Praise the Lord Almighty!  I was able to pay all my bills and bring them all current and still put a little in savings!  And I have been able to bless others who are in need.
It’s December now and I am still working 2 jobs because I still have to fix my van—I still have $9000 in car payments on it.  I still need to build up my savings so I will have an “emergency” fund for those unexpected expenses.  I want to pay off all my bills, fix my van  and be able to bless others as I have been blessed.  I am still being tested –car repairs last week and my house was broken into tonight, but I know it’s a test—a test given by my Father, someone who loves me more than I deserve and will not now or ever give me more than I can handle!  Praise the Lord for his faithfulness—for always providing for me and reminding me just how much I need him and how much he loves me!
 ---God Bless you Vicky and Thanks for all your help!



    I wanted to let you know what we have been doing since our last meeting.  After meeting with you, my husband & I decided that while we could work on cutting some things back further that was not going to be our answer alone.  So we decided I should go back to work.  I checked into daycare and found that the department of children and families will pay 100% for daycare for foster children.  (I was not told this before).  So I have filled out the very lengthy paperwork, visited daycares, and now the children are enrolled in a state approved daycare that I do not have to pay anything for!

    I updated my resume and have applied for over 15 jobs, attended a job fair, had interviews at 3 places and several more places I suspect will be calling me this week for an interview.  Finding a nursing job is not difficult but finding a nursing job Mon-Fri 8-5 is more difficult but I feel confident the Lord will provide.

    Our 27 year old son has moved to a place of his own! THANK YOU LORD! So we will no longer be supporting him financially.  We have been very busy helping him move. We were also given an order to testify in court for the little boy with cerebral palsy and multiple brain abnormalities we have been taking care of in Foster care. (We have been taking care of him the last 2 years, he turns 3 in September).  They had the trial to terminate his mother's rights.  It was a two day ordeal and very sad.  The decision now is for the judge to make, but that can take up to 60 days so please keep all of us in your prayers during this time.  He is such a special little boy and we just want what is best for him. Also this is our month for relicensing for foster care.  We have an 18 page packet to fill out and have had to have the health department come and inspect our home for the yearly visit.  That is always fun! So we have really been busy to say the least.

    I appreciate those emails and your help.  We are looking forward to being good stewards of what the Lord has intrusted to us. Please keep us in your prayers.

Thanks, your friends in Christ


3)  I enjoyed our meeting so much.  I was telling my Sunday School teacher about it this morning and about you.  I know we have a while to go, but it was still freeing because it gave us hope.  Thanks so much for what you do in the name of the Lord.